Friday, January 07, 2011

You know what doesn't stink? 

Homemade fabric refresher. I LOVE the smell of fresh clean sheets and towels. But lets be real, who washes their sheets and towels EVERY day? Not me. My sheets get it once a week and towels twice. (switch between 2 sets of towels). But in between washings I want my sheets and towels to smell just out of the dryer.

I'm sure lots of you have bought or use Febreze. Am I right? I hate that junk. It smells so chemical. I hate chemical, which is why I make all my own cleaners. 

Are you ready for how simple it is? You'll slap your head and wonder why you've been wasting money on store bought garbage or worse living with stinking towels and sheets. :) 

Get a small spray bottle, add a teaspoon or so, I never measure anything, or your favorite fabric softener or laundry soap. Add a small "glug" of rubbing alcohol, several drops of your favorite essential oil, my favorite is lavender. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with water, shake and spray. I spray my curtains with it also. 

Your sniffer and the environment will thank you. 

Disclaimer - Of course laundry soap and fabric softener aren't very "earth friendly" so you can skip that step if you are especially environmentally conscious. 

Don't forget to pick up some lemon or sweet orange essential oils as well for your counter and wood cleaners. 

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