I am an almost *cough* 30 year old married Mom of six. I used to think I wanted seven or more, but I'm thinking six is about all I can take. I have five boys ranging in age from 10 to 3 and thankfully God gave me a little girl, she's 1.
I was homeschooled as a child and continue the tradition by homeschooling my own children.
I'm number 2 in a family of five. I have 3 great and very diverse sisters and a little brother who is so stinking smart!
I married my first and only love and he is a wonderful husband, friend, father and lover. I couldn't possible be more in love with him.
I love getting out of my house especially for "playdates" though I have to admit I often wish I could leave the kids at home for my playdates.
Most people don't really know me, I am very shy, which they confuse for stuck up. I so desire friends, but it's really hard to fit in. Getting married at 18 and starting a family right away is a great way to segregate yourself from anyone who could be a friend. Now people my age are just starting to have kids and I already have one about to start middle school. I am trying very hard to break that and get myself some friends!